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Artificial or Not Artificial? That is the question.

Does it really matter if our foods have artificial food coloring in it?  Read on and then I would love to hear what you think! The other day, a friend from church asked if anyone knew of natural food coloring.  This made me stop and think for moment.  I could come up with a few […]

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Healthier Pancake

I can’t tell you how often we eat pancakes.  If it was up to our 5 1/2 year old we would eat pancakes every meal!  Since we like to eat pancakes so much, I have tried different versions of a main recipe.  I keep changing the recipe and trying different ingredients to make the pancakes […]

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Fun Family Vacation

Kids by a lake By Holly Hedman

As a kid, my family traveled and camped throughout the Midwest during the summer, but having spent the past 19 years married to an Army guy, we have lived coast to coast and have had the privilege to see many amazing places.  That being said, there are many so called “vacation” spots that require a […]