Common Core Helped Me Homeschool

I know what you're thinking...wait, huh? It's true! How? I'm glad you asked! As a education professional at the time, I thought Common Core was IT! That is, until I saw what it really meant for my precious kindergarten students. The things they were asked to do angered me.

On top of all of that, I began to read about how many homeschool curriculum companies, both Christian and secular, were going over to what I call "The Dark Side." I got worried because I didn't want either one of my girls dealing with all those changes. My heart broke even further when I saw that what I was currently using was going over to The Dark Side and I frantically worked to replace it. After I calmed down, I called the company to find out that my fears were unmerited!

Moms, many of us have different feelings about Common Core and we've all gone through that gut-wrenching, heart-breaking feeling that comes from finding out that your favorite resource has fallen on its head. You frantically buy every version of it before the change and develop Acute Curricularitis (It's me!) very quickly!

Even though it is hard and there are a truckload of things I want to try, I have purposes to only use things independent of Common Core. It has helped me because I know that the level of stress on me and my girls will be at a much lower level and more importantly, I will know exactly what they're being exposed to before I spend my money! It's a tangled web, I know, but let's be the spider and not the fly!

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