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Constitution Quest Game – Review

constitution-questMy husband heard about this game on the radio and decided to order it. Being the freedom loving people we are, it seemed like a great idea to have a fun game that we could teach some of the principles laid out in the constitution to the kids.

Were we in for an education! The game play is very simple, but teaches the Constitution, and basic facts about the foundation of our country in a way that is fun and engaging. The whole game takes about an hour to play if you follow the basic instructions, but that’s just too simple for us. So if some doesn’t know the answer to a question, we look it up! There is a copy of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence included with the game, so it’s a fantastic way to learn to read and understand these documents along the way.

We like that it doesn’t go on for days like Monopoly, but is short and sweet with lots of fun. For us, most games last about an hour or two, so it’s great for a morning where school just isn’t happening.

Each of the cards has a question with a few answers to choose from, for beginners they advise putting the cards with a star printed on the corner on the top of the stack. These are the easy  questions to get you started. Be prepared for an education on the constitution like no other! You’ll be amazed at how much your kids learn in a short period of time, and that they keep coming back to the game. Just watch out for those wild cards…they’re doozies.

Constitution Quest has become a family favorite, and we look forward to playing together. I love that we are all learning about the Constitution, and having a great time as a family.

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