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Why Crowd-fund a Homeschool Magazine?

The short answer, is that we are bootstrapping this – much like we do everything as homeschoolers. But by spreading the financing around via many people, in smaller chunks, allowing them to sponsor with as much, or as little as they see fit, we can all participate in making a brand new homeschooling magazine a reality in print. I don’t know about you, but I don’t read the digital ones! I like the feel of paper, getting that magazine in the mail and hiding out in the bathroom to read it before my kids find me.

Digital magazines are hard on my eyes, as much as I love the digital era and its ready access to technology, there is something truly special and comforting about holding something tangible in my hands. So, I choose printed books over digital, so that I can have something to hold on to for the future. I save some magazine issues because I want to have a version to refer to later on, when I’ve forgotten exactly how that recipe went, or how that project was designed.

So why crowd-fund? Because we have to!

Part of the money in the crowd-funding will go towards maintaining the website and developing the resources for the members’ only area that should launch in early January of 2015. We can’t do this without funding. A successful crowd-fund campaign will also pay for web-hosting services and to upgrades to the current digital magazine hosting account.

We will also be looking into various ways to get Learning Tangent into bookstores, on newsstands and other areas vital to the survival of a magazine.

I want you to know that you will not lose access to any of the blogs that you love, or to the digital magazine – but that you’ll have more ways to access Learning Tangent, and more tools to help you homeschool. 

Learning Tangent would also like to offer a special Common-Core-free curricula issue in late spring, between the Spring and Summer issues. This will go out as part of the 2015 subscription, and we’re looking forward to an amazing list of personally reviewed curricula from providers who will not sell out to the latest education fad. And it will only go to subscribers. I have always felt that paying subscribers deserve a bit extra for the time and trouble they put into deciding to support a start-up like this, so this is one of the perks, along with the members’ only area of the website for eBooks, printables and more.

We have more in store for you, but this is a start – and it’s beautiful! I am honored to have you as a reader, and would be doubly honored if you see value enough in this dream to help support it by sponsoring and/or sharing with your friends.


Gail Nelson

gail-closeupGail is a mom to four kids, two of whom are at home being homeschooled. She teaches violin and viola, and wrote Teach Your Kids Music in 12 Weeks. As Editor-in-Chief of Learning Tangent, she oversees the daily operations of the magazine, along with coordinating the articles and authors to make this magazine your go to source!

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