About Us

We’re a unique bunch, set on bringing you the best independent – and unique – homeschool resources. We grew tired of the system and its desperate race to conformity, and struck out on our own to educate our kids in our own way. Learning Tangent is your home-schooling-home on the internet, and we are here to help you find your unique path, not tell you where to walk.

Why Are We Here?

The idea for Learning Tangent sprouted in 2014 after I started homeschooling our (at the time) 8 year-old twin boys. Like many new homeschool moms, I ordered all the individual copies of homeschool magazines I could find, in the hopes of finding guidance on how to do this homeschool thing.

It made me sad to find that among the plethora of homeschool magazines, there was something missing: A truly inclusive magazine. One that didn’t push one worldview or another. A homeschooling magazine where the readers and writers are willing to discuss different beliefs and ideas without the animosity that so often seems to accompany them.

A big dream, but one worthy of pursuing!

After listening to me whine about it, my husband David pointed out that I had all the skills and abilities to start my own magazine – and why not try? There may be lots of other moms looking for just such a horse of a different color. After all, hadn’t I grown up in a media family? Regularly exposed to journalism, layout & design, and the realities of running a publication.

All of these things gave me the confidence to begin and continue such a big endeavor. A short six months after David suggested I do it myself, the first issue, digital only, appeared on the internet. It only held 16 pages – you can still read it online.

Four years later, and we’re still growing. We don’t have a huge advertising budget, because we’d rather spend that money making Learning Tangent bigger and better, but we are out there sharing Learning Tangent with new readers every day – you can help by sharing too!

I invite discussion and welcome a variety of worldviews. I probably won’t agree with you 100% of the time, and that’s awesome. My goal is to get people talking, and more importantly…listening to each other.

I stuff each issue full of articles written by homeschooling moms and dads so that YOU can homeschool with confidence. I understand that families begin this journey for a variety of reasons, and Learning Tangent reflects this reality. I believe that our greatest strength lies in coming together as homeschoolers, as moms and dads, and grandmas and grandpas; not this or that type of homeschooler.

We can learn from each other, and achieve the goal of bringing up our children up to be intelligent, compassionate adults who leave a positive impact on society.

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3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. It’s EXACTLY what I am going to express to the local homeschooling community(ies),about your site and magazine Fundraiser. The homeschooling groups have split / branched off several times because of varied, contrasting belief systems, that I don’t want to be involved because of politics. Where who gets the brunt of it? But our kids! Maybe the written word can congeal families with the one thing we have in common – being Parents! who want the best for our kids, educationally with whole-heartedness..
    I’m on board for keeping this new magazine and site afloat.
    Thank You!!!!!

    Thanks Cedar Academy (Facebook)

    1. Thank you so much!

      You know, when I started this, I was blissfully unaware of how fractious the homeschool had become over varying beliefs- I just knew in my gut that Learning Tangent was the right thing to start, and for the right reasons.

      I would be honored if you would share the links to the fundraiser and website to your members!

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