How Subscriptions Work

Learning Tangent and LT Kids are quarterly publications. This means, that a new issue only comes out every three months for a total of four issues per year. We’d like to publish monthly, because it would be awesome, but we all have families!

At any rate, when you subscribe to a print subscription (either Print Only or Print + Digital), you can expect to receive them in March, June, September, and December.

If your subscription starts:

  • After January 15 – your first issue will be Spring, shipped in March.
  • After April 15 –  your first issue will be Summer, shipped in June.
  • After July 15 – your first issue will be Fall, shipped in September.
  • After October 15th – your first issue will be Winter, shipped in December.

We run a tight ship, as far as budgeting goes, and do not print very many “extra” copies. In fact, we only print the amount “extra” we think will be attached to new subscriptions following the above schedule. Being a small business means that we have to be extra-careful with our money so that we can be here for the homeschooling community for many years to come. We hope that you understand, and if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us!