The Spring issue of 2015 was our first ever print edition after a year of digital only, and we are into our sixth year of print, with many more in sight. You can subscribe here.

We offer several opportunities to advertise in Learning Tangent, and we hope you’ll find one that works within your budget. We give priority to small businesses, entrepreneurs and the like – but when space permits we may decide to include ads from larger businesses and organizations of interest to our readers.

Learning Tangent is a place where you will find non-CCSS (Common Core) aligned resources. In fact, we do everything we can to avoid taking advertising dollars from companies that have chosen to align their products with CCSS, it’s what our readers are looking for, so that’s what we provide. If your company is not currently aligned, but chooses to do so at some point in the contract year, then we will refund any unused portion of the advertising contract, no questions asked…except perhaps one: why align?

Does this sound picky? You bet it is, and we won’t apologize. Our magazine has a high article to ad ratio – just 10% of the total number of pages. This means that in a 40-page issue (including the covers), there will only be four pages of ads. We believe this adds to the quality, and gives subscribers their money’s worth. It also means that the few ads that do appear will garner more attention than they would in most magazines.

Homeschoolers value individuality, and the confidence to stand behind a solid product means more than whether it aligns with the current fad.

We also accept sponsors for contests.

You can choose to sponsor a prize, or the entire contest. These bring in thousands of page views, and your company’s name and logo will be featured prominently throughout learningtangent.com. Our site registers about 2,000 – 3,000 page views per month, and each magazine issue has about 1,000 readers. We’re growing, and expect the trend to continue.

Quarterly Advertising rates ++        
  1 Insertion 2 Insertions 3 Insertions 4 Insertions
Full Page
500 800 1050
1/2 Page 250 400 525 600
1/4 page 125 200 262 300
Inside Front Cover 750 1200 1575 1800
Back Cover
(inside or outside)
650 1040 1365 1560
Business card ad (3.5 x 2.25)  60 95  108  140
 Website Banner Ads  Monthly Fee   12 month Pre-paid  
250 x 125 (Button)  $15    $144  
250 x 600 (Vert. Banner)  $19    $180  
Splash ad (Covers website until user clicks) ONE SPACE available  $60    $650  

++ Ads 1/2 page size or larger in the quarterly magazine include a vertical banner ad (200 x 300) free of charge on the website while the ad runs in the magazine.  

We also enjoy sharing the advertisers on social media. We believe in helping each other, and by sharing your ad helps increase your visibility.

We try very hard not to distract from the reading experience with lots of advertising, so we are selective about which ads we accept.

Please take a moment to fill out the contact form, we would love to hear from you. Remember that we are all homeschoolers ourselves, and are quite busy more often than not. Regardless of our busy lives, we normally respond to requests for information within 48 hours.



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