FAQ – The Marketplace

  1. I'm trying to purchase a product, and the checkout page has taken me to the PayPal (or Stripe/Amazon) login page more than once. Help!
    Usually when that happens, it's because you've done everything needed...except click "Place Order." The way all three payment gateways work is that our system has to connect to theirs to verify payments. After it connects, the shopping cart needs you to confirm that you really do want to order. This prevents accidental orders (I think we can all identify with this!). If you still have trouble, contact us at 855-859-2202. Leave a message if we don't answer, and we will return your call as soon as possible.
  2. Why don't you accept Common Core-aligned materials/publishers in the Marketplace?
    When our founder, Gail Nelson, began homeschooling, it was over concerns of the quality of Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The concerns still appear to have been justified. As an example, the K-3 standards ask for things such as higher order thinking (logic) for which most young children have not developed the capacity. This, in addition to the obvious political push behind these standards, which is in conflict with the ideals of individual liberty and personal responsibility, lead us to continue our anti-CCSS stance.
  3. What are the shipping charges, and when can I expect my order?
    Every marketplace vendor has a different shipping policy, make sure that you view theirs, or ask them directly using the form on the right side of the page (near the bottom on mobile devices) to verify the timing.
  4. I bought a downloadable item today, how do I access it? 
    In a couple of ways - first, when you checked out the order confirmation page has a direct link to the download. If you didn't get it there, login to your account and visit https://learningtangent.com/my-account/LT-downloads/. The last way to download is by checking your email. Your order receipt will also have a direct link to the download.
  5. I love this Marketplace idea...how do I become a vendor?
    View the policies, this outlines our agreement with each other, and our commitment to you. Marketplace Policies
    Fill out the registration form, and we'll get in contact with you as soon as possible. Vendor Registration

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