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We publish quarterly, in March, June, September and December.

Usually immediately after payment, with an exception: the eCheck option that Paypal offers. The system only grants access if your payment is completed, and as the eCheck takes a couple of days to clear, your access will be delayed.

If you paid by credit card, paypal balance, Bitcoin (or another crypto-currency), you should receive access immediately. If you have any difficulty, please contact us.

Much of LearningTangent.com IS free – with only a free account needed to access some areas – but print magazines cost money to produce and ship. We believe in focusing on quality content, something for which magazines were once well-known. For example: In many magazines (of all types) roughly 50-60% of every issue is an ad. This means that in a 60 page publication, you’re only getting 20-30 pages of articles. In Learning Tangent, we max out at 10%. So a 40 page issue has approximately 36 pages of articles, information, and inspiration. So even though we don’t have quite as many physical pages as some of those other magazines, we have just as much (if not more) to read.

Isn’t that worth paying for?

Yes! Complete your order and select “Pay by Check” when you check out. Our system will automatically generate an invoice that you can print.

For orders on Learning Tangent products shipped to the US and Canada, no. Shipping is included in the price, so no surprises. We collect sales tax on shipped items to California residents, and as the marketplace grows, other states will, by necessity, be added. For international shipping, see our shipping rates.

Individual vendors in the Marketplace have their own shipping and tax policies, we recommend consulting them for that information.

We generally ship out on the following business day. If you order on Monday, we’ll typically have it in the mail by Tuesday; Saturday orders go out on Monday. That said, magazine subscriptions take a bit longer, depending upon when you subscribe, it could be up to 8 weeks before you receive your first issue. When we have back issues available, we send those within a few days of subscribing.

When our founder, Gail Nelson, began homeschooling, it was over concerns of the quality of Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The concerns still appear to have been justified. As an example, the K-3 standards ask for things such as higher order thinking (logic) for which most young children have not developed the capacity. This, in addition to the obvious political push for “nationalized standards,” which is clearly in conflict with the ideals of individual liberty and personal responsibility, lead us to continue our anti-CCSS stance.

We won’t advocate for conformity.

We mean that we welcome everyone. While we hail from a variety of faith backgrounds, we aren’t religiously focused in the publication or website. We will never belittle someone because they believe differently; and we expect the same from anyone contributing an article or project. To disagree is natural, human, and way more interesting than agreeing on everything, but there is no need to be disagreeable.

To quote Gail’s husband, “Every feather on a bird is just a little bit different, but each one is equally valuable.”

We feel that way about your thoughts and opinions.