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Constellation Exploration – Review

Constellation Exploration- coverConstellation Exploration is a charming book on some of the constellations and the myths associated with them. If you have been looking for a kid-level book that they’ll love, take a moment to look at Constellation Exploration, written and illustrated by Cassidy Kao. She loves astronomy and mythology, and wanted to retell the stories she loved most.

Part I – Stories and Simple Facts

For each constellation, Cassidy has included a beautiful, and sometimes humorous, retelling of the myth associated with it. You’ll also learn basic facts about each constellation, including a few interesting tidbits I did not know! Her love of mythology and astronomy come through clearly in each and every story, and my own boys (11 this Thursday) loved her retelling.

The book is full of colorful illustrations to accompany the myths, and star chart for each. We all loved how she showed the stars, but then connected them in a separate picture so that you can see the shape of the mythological character. Also neat (the boys noticed this) was the fact that she used different sized pins to show the brighter, and not so bright, stars.

Constellation explorationCassidy grouped the constellations together according to their myths, rather than season of visibility or location in the sky. She also gave tips for finding and identifying each of them.

Part II – Riddles

What child doesn’t love a good riddle? They help teach us how to think without telling us how to think. It’s great mental exercise. After reading Constellation Exploration with your kids, or having them read it independently, they’ll want to read the riddles. They’re sweet and well-thought out, like this one:

Constellation Exploration - Andromeda

“I am golden, small but grand.
I’ve been sacrificed now up on the sand.
People fought over me and I am very proud.
But since I am dead, I won’t be loud.”

Love it. It gets you thinking a bit, doesn’t it? What I found remarkable was the skill with which she wrote these – Cassidy was only 9 at the time she wrote these!

This book is a fun introduction to some of the constellations and their mythology. If your kids are remotely interested in the subject (or even if you hope they may be!), take a moment to check out the book. It’s well worth a read, and in paperback on Amazon for $14.99.

Oh, and the answer to that riddle? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

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