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Fall 2019 | Fine Arts

I love the arts, in all its various forms. Though I am primarily a musician in that arena, I do also dabble in drawing and painting, weaving, and others. I think that often, when we know our kids aren’t artistically inclined (whatever the form), we wind up not giving it a fair shake.

So here’s to all the artists, musicians and craftsmen/women out there!

For our focus on the arts:

  • A Journey Through Art Study: Why Art History has a Place in Any High School Plan; by Dr. Kat Patrick
  • Music Appreciation Made Easy; by Tavia Fuller Armstrong
  • Circa 1994 {The Working Homeschooler}; by Amy Azevedo
  • The Fine Art of Photography: New technology brings new opportunities; by Candy Richey
  • Arts and Sciences How They Overlap and Support Each Other; by Gail Nelson

Today in History brings a wonderful selection from arts of all types; Ann Musico shares a few tasty, kid-friendly and easy to make back to school treats.

If you’re struggling with difficult kids, or kids in difficult places, you’ll want to read Tina’s article – Reflections from a Road of Lasts (just be ready to have the tissues ready).

On the cover: Fall Leaves by Candy Richey. There’s also going to be a short tutorial video on how she created the image, and which tools used, available to subscribers.

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