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First Annual Homeschool Photography Contest

Well the contest is over, and now we’re posting all the images here for everyone to loook at and admire. This has been a wonderful way to see the talent that our homeschoolers possess, and their courage in putting their art out into the world.

Candy of Wooden Nickel Photography was so impressed with the quality of entries that she has offered to host another homeschool photography contest with the Spring issue of Learning Tangent. Be sure to read it online or subscribe to the print magazine.

Here are the winners of the First Homeschool Photography Contest:


14 thoughts on “First Annual Homeschool Photography Contest

  1. Was there a winner?

    1. Yes! I’m sorry, I thought I’d posted the link in this post, here it is:

  2. My daughter is 18 and senior in home school – is she eligible or must she be under 18. (Nov. birthday)

    1. Hi Lisa, entrants need to be under 18. So sorry! If the contest is really successful though, we’ll look at expanding age groups for next year!

  3. The entry form will not open. Is there any other way I can get one?

    1. Hi Linda, send your email to me at info @ and I can forward it to you. The link is directly to a PDF, and I’ve noticed that sometimes people on tablets have trouble.

      In the meantime, try right-clicking on the link and select “Save link as…”

      1. Thanks 🙂 We finally got it to work. We are getting ready to submit my daughter’s photos.

      2. I’ve just opened the emails, great job!

      3. Thank you!

  4. The form asks for f-stop and other technical information; does that mean a child with a point and shoot Nikon can’t enter?

    1. Not at all!! Even point and shoot cameras contain that data in the image’s EXIF data. If you would like to send the raw image along with the altered image(if you alter it), I can easily find that information. 🙂

      1. OK. I know what a raw image means on my DSLR, but I don’t believe her point and shoot has that capability.

      2. Not for true RAW, no… but unaltered would be great. 🙂 Sometimes the editing software removes the EXIF data so if we have the original, we can pull info from there.

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