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Nana’s 3 Jars: Spending Wisely – Review

spending wiselyNana’s 3 Jars: Spending Wisely is Carol Round’s third book in the series. We have enjoyed reading Carol Round’s Nana’s 3 Jars series, they are light-hearted with a terrific message in each book. The illustrations are beautiful and they both impart a tenderness and complete the story.

In Spending Wisely, Charlie and Emma visit Nana and get to meet her new baby goats. After spending time with the babies and naming them Chocolate and Chip, they go inside to warm up. Charlie is worried about finding a Christmas gift for his teacher, and while they sip her homemade hot chocolate, he tells Nana about his plans to buy a special gift for her, but isn’t sure if he has enough money. Nana helps him decide on the perfect gift.

Charlie gets help from Nana and his mother to assemble the items needed to make a batch of hot chocolate mix for his teacher. Once they arrived home with everything, he made a batch of hot chocolate mix for his teacher in time to give it to his teacher at the class Christmas party and decorated it with a pretty gift tag his mother helped him make. Of course she loved receiving a homemade gift, and Charlie had a terrific experience in learning that a special gift doesn’t have to be bought from a store.

Carol Round has written a wonderful set of books that are a great addition to any family library, and my boys love to use the ideas for using money wisely. They also love to use the recipes in each of the books. This book is just in time for the holidays, and whether you celebrate Christmas or another holiday this winter, the ideas on spending wisely are valuable life lessons.

All three are available on Amazon in paperback, and if you have a Prime membership, they ship free.

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