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Picasso Art Project

When we were studying Picasso this year, I decided to have the boys make their own Picasso inspired art. We searched through several websites with galleries full of his art, and they picked a couple of pieces to use as their inspiration.

Daniel chose this:flower of handsDavid chose this: picasso-dora

As you can see, they have very different taste! We decided to use foam sheets, and cut out shapes to make their chosen design on poster board. They are readily available at craft stores, and I found a link on Amazon to a 50-pack of the things, all in different colors. We also had a bag of googly eyes lying around, so we used them too.

We found that plain school glue worked the best to attach the pieces to the poster board, and I love what they came up with.

Daniel is very much the engineer.
Daniel is very much the engineer.
David is very abstract!
David is very abstract!

You could do this project for other artists also try these ideas:

  • Cut the pieces very small and use them to make a mosaic.
  • Instead of using the foam sheets, you could use paint and paint brushes to try your hand at pointillism.
  • Use paint and make cave art

Most importantly – have fun!