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Spring 2018 | College or Not? Options for Homeschoolers

As our twins finish up their middle-grade work, I start looking more and more towards their future. Are they going to college? Do they want to do something that even requires it? One loves programming, writing and creative pursuits. The other is more into science and technology – but truthfully, the vast majority of those things in which they’re interested are available in the form of online classes and real-world experiences.

They may be quite successful in life without the little piece of paper from a college.

That said, I will never be the one who tells them not to bother. While I don’t have a degree myself, we are certainly not against college – my husband has a degree in environmental science (they’re the people who walk around in the funny yellow suits when there’s a spill). I just think it isn’t appropriate or necessary for everyone. Here’s what I mean: My brain surgeon better have an amazing background and degree; a combination of real-world and school education that proves they have the required knowledge and skills. My gardener, plumber, hair dresser, photographer and computer programmer though…I don’t care. I care about whether they can do the job for which I’m hiring them. I’m going to ask them about their experience, maybe about how they learned their craft, or what projects they’ve led successfully. I probably won’t even ask if they have a degree.

Which brings me to my point: Many people seem to focus on college as an educational goal. I thought, “Why not focus on all the real options for homeschoolers after high school?” They don’t all have to go to college, but no parent in their right mind would want to prevent it if their dream should require it. So here comes the spring issue – the start of our fifth year in publication – full of timeless and timely advice about how to help your kids achieve their goals; whether they require college…or not.

In this issue…

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  • Holding Open the Doors to the Future by Tavia Fuller Armstrong. Nothing is more depressing than hearing about parents who made the choice for their kids…and made it when they were little. Keeping doors open for your kids helps them should their goals change.
  • Flipped Thinking: Choosing Career First by Cindy LaJoy. Cindy runs Blue Collar Homeschool – she’s an advocate for figuring out what your kids love or are good at, and finding a path to get there. Hint: It doesn’t always include college.
  • To College or Not? By Tina Hollenbeck – What if your kids don’t have dreams of college? It’s time to look at alternates and help them prepare for the direction in which they’re called.
  • The Working Homeschooler: Into the Mirror by Amy Azevedo. Sometimes working outside the home, and following your own pursuits can teach your children about more than you ever realized.
  • Entrepreneurial Kids: A look inside a sometimes scattered mind by Gail Nelson. Some kids don’t fit the mold – and a few take joy in breaking it. Advice and resources for guiding kids with entrepreneurial goals.
  • What About Those Sporty Seniors? By Kat Patrick – So how do you help your sporty teen with their dreams of playing sports and attending college? Turns out, you have options and Kat helps sort them.
  • Project Mozzarella by Gail Nelson. Did you ever want to make cheese? I talk about the things I learned during our ongoing journey.
  • Choosing a Path by Lori Svensen.
  • Dyslexia: A Blessing in Disguise by Amy Azevedo. Her son’s dyslexia led her to find a whole new way to homeschool – and his challenges mirror my husband’s in many ways. It’s a touching story about how dyslexia isn’t always the negative it’s perceived to be.
  • Time Management by Gail Nelson. Do you have a master procrastinator, or are you the guilty party? Finding ways to manage your time and energy are essential for getting things done…in a timely manner.
  • Guiding Children to Greatness by Lori Svensen. Helping kids find their path sometimes seems confusing, with many choices to make – but no choice is permanent and a career chosen in youth can easily be changed later. The key is teaching kids to pursue those things they love doing.

LT Kids – now a separate magazine!

  • Leonardo da Vinci by Amy Chabroux. We loved reading about da Vinci – and Amy’s article on him brings a fresh perspective on a classic topic.
  • Cameras & Photography – A short history by Daniel Nelson. He fell in love with film photography, and it took him on a journey of history.
  • Jokes – from our resident prankster, David Nelson
  • Greatness of College by Hannah Beltran. Why she’s set for college and what makes it great for her.
  • Claude Money – Impressionist Master by David Nelson. Monet has been his favorite artist for a long time, as long as we have been homeschooling, as a matter of fact.

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