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Summer Survival Guide | Summer 2018

Update: This issue is with the printer, and we will have it in the mail next Wednesday, barring unforeseen circumstances.

One of the first things we learned that first summer after withdrawing the boys from school was that anything could be educational, and learning was quite literally…everywhere. Even so, I couldn’t get myself out of that school-at-home-rut when September rolled around. I didn’t know anything else! This is the magazine that I wish I had been able to read that first year. Full of ideas that would have helped me stay out of that rut.

So far in this issue of Learning Tangent Homeschool Magazine:

  • Road tripping with Tavia Fuller Armstrong.
  • Redeeming the calendar: Year around homeschooling doesn’t wreck your summer by Tina Hollenbeck. We’ve heard it, and maybe even thought it if our kids were ever in school: year around school sucks because the kids don’t get a break. Here’s the thing – with homeschooling we can break as we need to, instead of being beholden to someone else’s schedule. Year around homeschooling can be incredibly freeing, if you give it a chance!
  • To Break or Not to Break…by Dr. Kat Patrick.
  • Thinking About Homeschooling? Dive in this summer! by Amy Azevedo. Summer is more than a break from the “regular” school year – it can be an awesome time to find out if homeschooling is for you. Find out how you can take advantage of summer learning in this idea-packed article.
  • The Working Homeschooler: The third shift (AKA “Me time”). Did you ever finish that very last thing of the evening, only to realize that it was nearly midnight? We did do, every night.
  • 10 Awesome Summer Activities (That even the most reluctant learners will love!) by Gail Nelson
  • Be sure to enter the photo contest if your image wins, it could be on the cover!
  • Deschooling: Get out of the big-box education mindset. How can deschooling turbo charge your homeschooling start? Find out this summer!
  • Reviews! Judy Martialay sent her two language-learning books, Hola! Let’s Learn Spanish and Bonjour! Let’s Learn French for us to review. We’re enjoying her amazing resources and hope you do too! If you want more information before Summer arrives…here’s the link:
  • We have a review on the newest book in the Tuttle Twins’ series – The Tuttle Twins and their Spectacular Show Business by Michelle Ristuccia.
  • The Future is Fungal: Careers in Mycology by Carlyn McKee of Greenwood Farm in Pennsylvania. These are the wonderful people from whom we order those oyster mushroom grow kids we love so much. They are also a wealth of information on mycology! Who knew there was so much cutting-edge science in a humble mushroom?
  • Free Fireworks Unit Study – Your kids will love the history, photos, and activities in this explosive printable! A printable PDF that will be available when the summer issue ships. Subscribers and those who purchase this issue will have access to it automatically, by logging into their my-account page.
  • Summer Sunshine Safety by Ann Musico. The sun isn’t quite the enemy of health it’s been made out to be over the years – find out how you can enjoy the sun safely this year!
  • Adobe Camera Raw: Beautiful summer photography opportunities, and how to fix the photographs that aren’t quite right by Candy Richey of Masterpiece Imaging. Do you take photos, then find out they were just a little off, or too dark once you put them on the computer? Find out how to fix them!
  • And much more to come!

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So far inside LT Kids this summer…

Don’t forget – it’s now a separate magazine that’s included with your subscription to Learning Tangent, and available on its own.

    • The Crackling History of Fireworks by Daniel Nelson. If you thought fireworks displays are awesome, just wait until you learn about their explosive history, just in time for summer fireworks shows!
    • Firework poster – This pull-out poster has a printable version online, in case you don’t want to pull apart your magazine.

Just for fun, here’s a free low-resolution version that you can print on about an 8×10 .

  • Summer Maze & Wordsearch
  • Always ready for a laugh, David has outdone himself on the Jokes page again.
  • The Amazing World of Ball Pythons by Amy Chabroux. We’ve always loved reptiles, but who knew there were so many color morphs of this popular snake?
  • The Tales of Minerva, the not-so-great hunter by David Nelson. His love of comics, jokes, and laughter is bringing a whole new comic series to LT Kids.
  • More to come!


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