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About the Marketplace

I like online curriculum marketplaces – they’re terrific resources! The problem, is that I have always found it difficult to find homeschool products that had NOT aligned to Common Core or NGSS in those marketplaces. Those educational standards are just so stinking political. I would just as soon avoid them.

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Common Core, Homeschool, and more

This is one of the more political statements you’ll see me make, because I truly feel that politics has no place in education. But the reality is that we need to pay attention to the political winds…because they do not blow in our favor. In this last installment, I share my opinions on Common Core, […]

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Fall 2015 | Homeschool Science

Log in with a FREE account to read this. Can we tell you how excited we are about this issue? It’s gorgeous, full-color, 36 pages -and it’s not full of ads. We limit the amount of ads to about 10%, because we believe that you deserve more great articles than ads, and our advertisers deserve […]

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Why Learning Tangent and Where is it Headed?

A few weeks ago, I spent about an hour talking with Kirsten Lombard, founder of Resounding Books. We talked about Common Core, why we homeschool, and in the segment, why did Learning Tangent start and what do we hope to accomplish? It’s only about 11 minutes long, take a listen to find out more about what […]

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Winter 2014 | Religion and Spirituality

Login with a FREE account to read this. 5 Tips for Gift Giving on a Budget Healthy Living Philosophy and Religion Photography Contest Socrates The Unplanned Homeschooler Be sure to look at the photography contest on page 20! Get your own printable PDF  with all the articles!    You can support what we’re doing by […]

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Common Core: Dangers and Threats to American Liberty and Education

Dr. Duke Pesta has been touring the country, giving a presentation on the Common Core State Standards (Common Core), “You cannot do Common Core in bullet points,” he says. He’s right, Common Core is too complicated. On this fall evening, he was speaking to a group of about 65 parents and grandparents, some were seasoned […]