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The Winners’ Circle: 2016 Homeschool Photography Contest

The 2016 Homeschool Photography Contest is another for the books! We love contests for homeschoolers. Truly. It is so rewarding to see the creative, interesting entries you all send in! What we really love most is the opportunity to share what homeschoolers can do with the world, and we hope that you’ll continue to enter the contests we host.

Now for the winners, judged by Wooden Nickel Photography:

“The entries for the Homechool Photography Contest were again exceptional. We have awarded Cole Frechou, 14, First Place overall and in 14-year-olds, with Checkmate and Jazzy Cat. We had to award them as a tie because we couldn’t decide and loved them both, and because Cole created both, takes the win. Great imagination in posing and taking an unusual angle for your creation. Cole had several excellent entries.

Homeschool Photography Contest Entry - Jazzy Cat - Cole F.
Jazzy Cat – Cole F.
Homeschool Photography Contest Entry - Checkmate Blues - Cole F.
Checkmate Blues – Cole F.

“First Place for 10-year-olds goes to Taylor Crenshaw, for the Pups portrait. The use of a black backdrop made your Pups pop and resulted in a very good portrait.

Homeschool Photography Contest Entry - Pups - Taylor C.
Pups – Taylor C.

“Second Place for 10-year-olds is being awarded to Amy Chabroux, for her portrait of Ginger. It was a great use of a shallow depth of field, making Ginger become the focus. The Nap Time image was also exceptional.

Homeschool Photography Contest Entry - Ginger - Amy C.
Ginger – Amy C.
Homeschool Photography Contest Entry - Nap Time - Amy C.
Nap Time – Amy C.

“Kaylie Owens took second in the 14-year-olds, with her Sleeping Dog photo. Great depth of field, nice shot.

Homeschool Photography Contest Entry - Sleepy - Kaylie O.
Sleepy – Kaylie O.

“Jeffrey Hales, 14, sent in an interesting shot of his lizard Gizmo, and takes third place in the 14 age group.

Homeschool Photography Contest Entry - Gizmo - Jeffrey H.
Gizmo – Jeffrey H.

“The assignment was to create a portrait of your pet, and quite honestly, there wasn’t a bad shot in the bunch. You are all winners and you make the job of picking the winner extremely tough. Cole will receive an 11×14 of each of his winning entries, the rest of you will receive an 8×10 of the winning entry. Thanks for entering, we will have another contest in a future issue.

“The contest is sponsored by Wooden Nickel Photography, located in Verdigris, Oklahoma, who specializes in printing fine art prints for artists and photographers. They can be reached at*918-829-9668, or through their website at

If you’re a subscriber, you’ll be seeing these entries in print. They’re simply gorgeous printed out! If you don’t subscribe yet… head on over to the subscription page today and save on subscriptions!


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