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Winter 2017 | Homeschooling with Games

In every culture throughout history, humans have played games. Some were educational, and some were just for fun, but no matter their purpose, games are a terrific way to bring some fun into your education.

Update 12/1/2017: This issue is going to the printer on Monday – make sure you reserve a copy, because when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Articles & More:

  • Games: Get your game on with these tips, and play your way to homeschool success by Gail Nelson. Seriously. Kids have learned through games and playing for millennia, why should that change now? Find creative ways to get your game on.
  • Chocolate: Making your own unit study by Fran Wisniewski of the Funschooling Workshop and Funschooling & Recreational Learning
  • How to Teach What You Don’t Know by Tavia Armstrong of the Unplanned Homeschooler. A big challenge for many homeschoolers, new and veteran, is teaching subjects they don’t know. Use these tips to be successful, and you’ll be surprised at what you’ll learn along the way.
  • Educational Dipping Sauce by Tina Hollenbeck of the Homeschool Resource Roadmap. “When it comes to what methods and approaches we use, it’s not a cop-out to replace the banal, joy-killing norms employed in school with hands-on projects, personalized research, multimedia experiences, living books…and games.” We agree, and found ourselves cheering by the end of the article.
  • Loving to Learn by Amy Azevedo. Sometimes what we learn to love isn’t what we love to learn. Helping our kids find their real passion, is a key to getting them learning.
  • Game Creation in Education by Lori Svensen. Find a purpose in all that play, and create something really great in your homeschool.
  • Loom Knitting for All Ages by Tavia Armstrong. You’ll love the super-cute scarves and hats!
  • Baked Apples: Delicious and easy!

Regular Columns:

  • The Working Homeschooler – Lions, Tigers, and Curriculum…Oh My! By Amy Azevedo
  • Teen MARVELous – Screen free holidays by Dr. Kat Patrick
  • Making Healthy Food Fun by Ann Musico of 3 Dimensional Vitality.
  • The Unplanned Homeschooler – Hating history, depressing current events, and more by Tavia Armstrong


  • Pin-it! Maps
  • Professor Noggins’ card games

LT Kids:

  • Senet: The Oldest Game Known to Mankind by Amy Chabroux – We love this article, and I’m pretty sure your kids will too. The boys are thrilled to see a new face in LT Kids, and David has started studying ancient Egypt, so this couldn’t have come at a better time.
  • Cooking and Old Cookbooks by Daniel Nelson. What happens when you combine a love of cooking with old books? Meet Daniel. He loves books, especially old cookbooks. They’re full of recipes that are pretty simple to make, and taste better than anything in the store. The only catch is some of the terminology – he’s helping with that too. You’ll love the brownie recipe he’s adapted from one just for this issue.
  • Jokes – David is a bit of a prankster, and loves to make people laugh. He’s collected a few more of his favorite jokes and hopes that some of the kids reading will share some too!
  • Project Fluff Ball – Sometimes David has a little trouble getting his mind to shut off for sleep. One night he decided to do something with all those little pom-poms around the house.

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