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4 Simple Steps to a Healthier Life

Eating healthy, organic foods will help promote a healthier lifestyle

According to many studies and research, the conclusion drawn is that many of these diseases we see overtaking the people in our country today are lifestyle diseases!  For instance, cancer and diabetes in many cases can be prevented or reversed with healthy lifestyle habits.

You cannot put your health into ANYONE else’s hands – not your spouse, not your doctor, not your pharmacist – the responsibility for your health rests solely in your hands.  So you have a responsibility to learn all you can so you can make informed decisions.  The exception to this is our children.  It’s our responsibility to provide them with the best nutrition possible and to model healthy habits for them as well.

So just what are those habits?

Eating healthy, organic foods will help promote a healthy life1.  The most critical factor for staying healthy is nutrition.

We all know that our soil is mineral depleted and even organic foods are not as nutritious as they once were.  I know organic foods are more expensive and people, particularly people with families, have financial constraints.  I am learning you either pay now – or later – in health care, doctor and pharmacy bills.  So, choose the best quality foods you can afford.  That includes the best quality water, since that should be your drink of choice.  If you need help restructuring your diet (or your children’s diet), please contact me, I am here to help.

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2.  Next, move your body every day.

Did you know studies show that lack of exercise is a cancer risk factor?  Exercise not only helps with weight management (overweight is a risk factor for certain cancers and diabetes), it improves bone health, circulation, mood and brain health as well as making you look better and increasing energy. Get your children up and outside when weather permits. Encourage them to get involved in a sport they love or just playing outside. Model and encourage movement.

A healthy life requires adequate sleep 3.  Get adequate rest and sleep.

Your body renews itself at night while you sleep, your brain consolidates memories and learning and lack of sleep is a cause of hypertension and a risk factor for insulin resistance – leading to type 2 Diabetes. This tends to be more of a challenge as we get older, but it’s very important for your children to get adequate rest and sleep. So begin early instilling good sleep habits – no video games, computers or smart phones at least an hour before bedtime and sleeping in as dark a room as possible to enable release of melatonin.

4.  Finally, consider taking a high quality supplement.

No matter how carefully we try to eat, a supplement just makes good sense to cover any deficiencies.  A recent study says that regular vitamin and particularly mineral supplementation lowers colon cancer risk more than 80%!  Just be sure to choose one that is high quality.

Obviously this is a brief overview – but it really doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s all part of my 3D Living Program!  In fact, the more we simplify our lives and habits, the healthier (and happier) we will be.

Which of these 4 steps do you find most challenging and why?

4 thoughts on “4 Simple Steps to a Healthier Life

  1. Thank you Rebecca! I appreciate the comment.

  2. Great post! I completely agree on the high quality supplements! I found you from the Blogging Homeschool Facebook group! 🙂 Rebecca

  3. That’s one reason I like the one I linked to – it’s a delicious powder you can mix with water or put in a smoothie, which is how I take it!

  4. We do everything here except the supplement. I just don’t like to take them! LOL That said, I do add Bragg’s nutritional yeast flakes to many of our foods. It’s nice addition to the flavor and health.

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