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Unschooling: Supercharge Your Homeschool

That crazy “unschooling” word gets tossed around pretty regularly in the homeschooling community. Some people love the idea, and others think it’s a huge mistake. I think that the idea has merit, and the concept of locking our kids into 12 years of study in areas in which they have no interest is crazy. Isn’t […]

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Homeschool: Less School and More Play

“When you first told us about homeschool, I hated school, so I thought, less school more play means less learning and I thought that was good. Then I found out less school, more play AND I learn more in less time, and that’s AWESOME! I never want to go back to public school,” Daniel told me recently, […]

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What’s Your Homeschool Style?

The beauty of homeschooling is the flexibility – the ability to adjust what, when and how you do things to suit the learning styles and personalities of your children. There are a variety of approaches to homeschooling, and most homeschool families use a combination of them. We hope this list helps you understand and decide […]