English Lessons Through Literature Level 4 – Review


Barefoot Raggamuffin Curricula has a great selection to choose from, and they are extremely generous in sharing them with us at no charge to review for you, our amazing readers. We reviewed level 3 of English Lessons Through Literature (ELTL) last school …

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Quark Chronicles: Botany – the First in a Series of Science Studies


From finding seeds to grow a garden in the cargo bay of the living, talking ship known as “Auntie”, to fighting more space pirates, and helping a sentient tree pollinate, the action doesn’t stop – and neither does the learning!

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“All men by nature desire knowledge.”


I love this simple statement, credited to Aristotle, because it truly embodies the way I feel about education in general. I feel that if you take a child’s natural inclination to learn, cultivate that inclination into desire for knowledge with …

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