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We’ve Changed things!

Update: Now that we’ve done the hard work of making these changes to improve your experience, here is what we have done and how it affects you:

  • We have improved security – what was once a shared SSL certificate is now a private one, which further improves our ability to protect your information.
  • We have added the option for you to checkout just like you would with Amazon. To do this, fill your cart just like before, but choose Log in with Amazon and a small pop-up window will open for you to enter your Amazon login to pay securely. PayPal is still available!
  • We have increased the bandwidth and space available to the site – the old hosting account was running out so space and bandwidth so it was time to upgrade.
  • We have added a toll-free phone number that you can call whenever you need something. Whether you need help with ordering or you just need a sympathetic ear for a rough day, then call us. Here’s the number: 855-859-2202. 

As you can see, we have not taken anything away, in fact we have added things to help make your homeschooling journey better!

You all know we are always seeking ways to improve your experience with Learning Tangent, and we know that Paypal can be rather limiting as a payment option. But at the time, it was the best option we had for security and affordability. We love PayPal, and will continue using it as a payment option but, we want to give you even more flexibility for renewing your subscription.

After much research, we’ve made some decisions that affect our hosting needs, and so we will be moving the site to a new server. This doesn’t mean a whole lot to you, and to what you can expect from us – we’re still going to put out the best darned inclusive magazine that we can, and subscribers are still going to be getting the spring issue in just a few short weeks! But it does mean that we may have some down time while these adjustments are made and the site is moved.

Most of the changes are in the back-end, so you won’t see a difference, but here’s the short list of benefits for readers:

  • Toll-Free number to call when you have questions about homeschooling or products
  • Improved security encryption
  • Ability to integrate with Amazon Payments

Something you will definitely notice after the move is a new payment option, you’ll be able to use your Amazon credentials to check out. This means you have the full support of Amazon’s security and ease of use next time you renew your subscription.

We hope to have the migration done quickly and smoothly, but just in case it isn’t, we also wanted you to know what is going on! If we do have any outages, we’ll update our Facebook page with all the info we know at the time. But be assured, we’ll be up and running as quickly as possible.