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We’ve Changed things!

Update: Now that we’ve done the hard work of making these changes to improve your experience, here is what we have done and how it affects you: We have improved security – what was once a shared SSL certificate is now a private one, which further improves our ability to protect your information. We have […]

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Working From Home to Homeschool

‘Tis the season… to begin working from home so you can homeschool. I hear from soon-to-be homeschoolers, asking about everything from how to find a curriculum to suit their children, to how to find income at home so they can homeschool their children. In many areas of the country, the job terrain is shifting faster than a […]

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In What Size Should Learning Tangent Be Printed?

We’re going to press next week, and this is the ONLY time you’ll have a chance to share opinions on it! There are advantages and disadvantages to both sizes, it ultimately comes down to what subscribers (and potential subscribers) want to see. [wpdevart_poll id=”1″ theme=”1″] There is virtually no difference in the cost, so it […]

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Thanking Our Indiegogo Sponsors

Without our readers and sponsors, where would we be? Nowhere! While we can’t thank each and every reader personally (no matter how much we would like to), we can thank the individuals who contribute to the crowd-fund campaign. First, we would like to thank our sponsors who have chosen to remain anonymous. But whether or […]

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Artificial or Not Artificial? That is the question.

Does it really matter if our foods have artificial food coloring in it?  Read on and then I would love to hear what you think! The other day, a friend from church asked if anyone knew of natural food coloring.  This made me stop and think for moment.  I could come up with a few […]