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When Did Chores Become Easy? Zone Cleaning for Kids Review

We struggle with cleaning. I openly admit that I am not the world’s greatest housekeeper, and would hire someone if I could – I hate cleaning! I love the results, but would rather outsource the process. Unfortunately, my boys have also inherited my disdain for cleaning. We have tried everything from chore lists to bribes to cajoling, but nothing gave us step by step instructions that were so clear and so easy to follow.

When Zone Cleaning for Kids came in, there were loud groans and complaints from them both, but I was hopeful! I mean, anything that can help us get things cleaned up more easily is worth a shot, right? Absolutely. We sat down and watched the video, it explains everything very clearly. For my visual/tactile learners it was fantastic to see what needed doing, then apply it. After we watched the video, they immediately asked if we could go to the store to get the baskets recommended in Zone Cleaning for collecting items.

Zone Cleaning for Kids identifies major areas in the house, such as the kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc, and gives a specific set of instructions on cleaning each. Starting with “Clean and Clear” in step 1, we finished up with a weekly job and optional daily job. This was the easiest process we have ever used to get things picked up, and not only is the house cleaner, bu I am less stressed about it. Following the steps in the book, we got things cleaned up and looking nice in a short period of time.

Here’s what we love:

  • It is super-easy to follow the steps outlined and get the job done.
  • The buckets for various items to put away were very helpful, and allowed us to make just one or two trips instead of 20.
  • Specific task lists that clearly illustrate what to do, and in what order.
  • The images in Zone Cleaning help visualize the areas that need to be handled.
  • It’s simple!

Tzonespraysidenolaundry-288x288his has been a blessing for us. I’m  always jam-packed and busy with to-do lists for my family, Learning Tangent, and my music students. This helps us handle a sore spot: The chaos that is often our house. I’m awful at making chore lists, and even worse at checking on them, but this made things much easier. It has places for extra chores and you can even erase and re-write it because the pages are coated and it comes with a dry erase marker. Zone Cleaning for Kids could even have a title like, Zone Cleaning for Kids (and their frazzled parents). It’s $21.95 at (Affiliate Link)

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