Fall 2016 | Homeschooling High School

Fall 2016WOW! Can you believe the choices we have? Homeschoolers have always had more freedom of choice than those in schools, but it seems that the high school choices get a bit, well, confusing. With that in mind, we are proud to present the Fall issue: Homeschooling High School.

We have an article-packed issue for you, with four new pages, a coloring contest, and an inspirational poster, bringing the total to 40! Remember - 90% of Learning Tangent is ad-free so you're really getting what you pay for: Great articles in a beautiful, glossy, quarterly publication.

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Here are a few highlights:

Tear Open the Box | Tina Hollenbeck

"But what ultimately matters for your children is what you decide to do with and for them. Will you continue to let yourselves be bullied by an irrelevant public school system and false notions of “being behind?” Or will you peek out of the box and even consider tearing it open so you can customizeyour child’s education for his or her ultimate, lifelong good?"

Reverse Engineer Your High School Transcript | Tavia Fuller Armstrong

"It might seem like graduation is bearing down on you like an unstoppable force, but remember that as homeschoolers we are preparing our kids to be lifelong learners. No, we can’t possibly pack all we’d like for them to know in four years of high school, but if we look at the graduation and college admission requirements before us, we can reverse engineer courses that will give our kids the best shot at attaining their goals."

The Charlotte Mason Method - Using it through high school | Kat Patrick

"Whether your child is 7 or 17, this method provides a broad liberal arts education that has been proved effective for over a century, maintaining a child’s natural love of learning and exploration,and growing independent students with limitless opportunities."

Not to be out-done, LT Kids stepped it up a notch this time too.

We have 2 fantastic articles PLUS a fiction story, a coloring contest where the kid-editors pick the winner and comic on the cover. All done by kids, for kids.

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You can order a single copy, or subscribe - it's easy!

There is just SO much in this issue, that we can't possibly tell you everything here - you'll have to get your own copy and enjoy it for yourself. Take a look at the Table of Contents below!

Fall 2016 | Table of Contents
Here's what's in store for fall!

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