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First Form Latin – Memoria Press

My husband and I bought this from our friend a while back, when we were just starting out our homeschool journey. We wanted to give the kids foreign languages as part of their education. We felt that the classical languages like Greek and Latin are important to understanding not only English, but many other languages as well. Besides – I have always wanted to read Cicero or Marcus Aurelius in Latin; the translations lose so much.

We were excited to hear it was a complete set, with dvd, audio cd, flashcards, tests, books, etc. The whole deal! Our boys are third grade, and since First Form is designed for kids just a bit older, I decided to take it slow. After all, the biggest difference between a third grade course and a fifth grade course is the speed at which information is introduced. There are other differences too, but this is the one that makes the biggest difference in a child’s mind. We have spent a semester with the program, and love it. The boys are learning it well, able to recite what needs to be recited and I caught them insulting each other in Latin not long ago.

The system works, and works well. Memoria Press offers Classical education resources. This means they use the trivium of grammar, logic and rhetoric. These are three distinct phases of development in a child’s life, and jumping too quickly from one to the next can deprive them of needed growing time. As time has gone on this year, I have become more aware that this is my preferred mode of home educating with a little Charlotte Mason thrown in for variety. I love the simple logical approach that Memoria Press uses, and it makes sense for my kids. They get to take time absorbing the information before they are required to use it in alternate ways. Not that they haven’t found creative uses for Latin, I did mention the hilarious insults I nearly died laughing at a few days ago, they’re just being allowed the time to absorb and process the information.

I highly recommend the Memoria Press family of products to anyone considering a Classical education, they are family run and wonderful people – did I mention they will not align to Common Core?


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