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CCSS – Aligned or Not?

Whether you are just starting or need to change something, the choices in curricula are overwhelming. There are some companies that seem to be very popular, Saxon, Life of Fred, Abeka, and the list goes on. In fact, there are so many that it’s hard to decide! Our family’s biggest challenge was finding curricula that was not aligned to Common Core, and not overly religious in one direction or another. It was easier to find where they stood theologically than it where they stood on Common Core. It seemed that every time we found one we thought we liked, it turns out it had either already aligned or there were plans in the works to align to CCSS. This is something we did not want, because the issues with CCSS are large and glaring – certainly not appropriate for our family.

Many families deciding to homeschool this year are doing so because they feel that the public school system is not providing the education they desire for their children. They are seeking resources that may or not be religious, but in many cases they are trying to avoid using Common Core aligned materials. There is help! Tina Hollenbeck of The Educational Freedom Coalition on Facebook has spent countless hours contacting companies to ask them what their stance on Common Core is. She has collected all of the responses on a new website with more resources to come at the Homeschool Resource Roadmap . This extensive listing of aligned and unaligned companies should help you narrow down your search.

Visit the Homeschool Resource Roadmap today!

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