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Mistakes That Changed the World and More | LT Kids Fall 2018

LT Kids is full of stories for your kids, and the twins want to hear from more kids who love to write and create.

A few awesome things in store:

  • Mistakes that Changed the World by Amy Chabroux. Alfred Nobel founded the Nobel Prize, but did you also know he held 355 patents, spoke five languages fluently, and invented dynamite?
  • Fall: My Favorite Season by Daniel Nelson. Why do those brilliant reds and oranges appear in fall?
  • The Tales of Minerva, the Not-So-Great Hunter by David Nelson. Minerva never seems to stop getting into trouble…what is she up to this time?
  • Jokes by David Nelson – up for a laugh? You’ll giggle and laugh with these.
  • The Little Troll a story by David Nelson.
  • Accidental Inventions Pull out poster

We include LT Kids in every Learning Tangent subscription, but you can subscribe to just this awesome, story-filled (no ads!) magazine just for kids.

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