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Brrr! Winter’s Almost Here!

What a blur the last couple of months has been! We have gone from Sunny San Diego county to southern Fort Worth. This issue, we look with wonder at the world around – from the wonder of, “How on earth did we do what we did;” to the wonder of the natural world with science. […]

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Mistakes That Changed the World and More | LT Kids Fall 2018

LT Kids is full of stories for your kids, and the twins want to hear from more kids who love to write and create. A few awesome things in store: Mistakes that Changed the World by Amy Chabroux. Alfred Nobel founded the Nobel Prize, but did you also know he held 355 patents, spoke five languages […]

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Summer 2017 | Working Homeschoolers

Have you ever wondered how you could possibly homeschool because you still have to make a living? You won’t want to miss this issue. This summer, we’re taking time to focus on adding some much-needed money to your family’s bottom line. Whether you need a full-time income or just a little to supplement, we’re here again (and […]

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Winter 2016 | Homeschooling Abroad

Did your school year get off to a rough start? Find out how to come back strong in the second half. “You don’t have to be an avid sports fan to appreciate the thrill of seeing an underdog team come back from behind for an amazing second half win. Somehow you know, when they emerge […]

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Spring 2016 – More Than Just a Label

This issue, we decided to focus on kids who fall outside the norm. The school system often falls short for kids, and whether yours are gifted, special needs, or somewhere in the middle, the key to success is patience and flexibility. Ads suck. Subscribers can login and read without the interference. Special needs – more […]