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Examining Simple Machines – Nancy Larson Science 2 Review

Every time I look at this science, and every lesson we do with it shows the pure genius of the way it’s arranged. A friend of mine calls it, “Complex topics made simple,” and I completely agree. As parents, we’re all a little nervous about teaching some subjects – this homeschool science makes it easy for you. We have had a fantastic time gaining a much deeper understanding of machines through the activities and lessons, and their vocabulary has increased by leaps and bounds!

I do believe that the included pulley and rope made for the most entertaining part of the unit. They had great fun using it to set up what amounted to a zipline between their rooms, which they generously shared via video. I absolutely love the expressions when they realized that a tooth is a wedge, a pencil can be a fulcrum and that they can explain some of the physics behind them.

This unit, as the title suggests, involved examining a variety of simple machines. These are the sort of machines you would often think of as a tool – lever, wedge, pulley, etc.

Homeschooling here is not a perfectly schedule and organized thing. This is why I appreciate the already-planned lessons that I just have to do with kids. It’s also why I tend towards buying curriculum that is already organized, it saves me time in the long run, and that time savings makes it worth every penny. The excellent organization within each unit and the scripted lessons ensure that I cover all the topics with only a small amount of preparation, which usually just includes reading the lesson ahead and getting the needed items from the kit.

When we first received this set from Nancy Larson (aff. link), we were blown away at everything that came with it, and I saw immediately why it’s priced the way it is … it’s simply the most complete science curriculum I have seen, and I’ve looked at quite a few. Some are lesson plans, others are books, and still others are experiments. These all have their place, and some families will gravitate more toward some than others – but when I buy science curriculum, I want the whole shebang! Homeschool science is easy when you have curriculum like this. Nancy Larson has taken all the guess-work out of teaching science, and gives you the ability to give your kids a solid foundation – even if you’re not science oriented.

The boys are looking forward to the next unit exploring light and sound – sound is near and dear to my heart as a musician, so I’m also looking forward to it! Nancy Larson Science 2 can be found on their website at (aff. link), and costs $289. If you have multiple kids, all you have to do is purchase an extra student unit at $36.

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