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Magic Forest Academy | Review

Every lesson connects multiple subjects, and gives a very holistic view of the world in which we live. There are excellent suggestions for keeping a nature journal, researching more sea-faring creatures and people, geography, history, and some mythology too.

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Times Tales | Review

I remember the struggle we had in teaching the twins some of the times tables. The 5s, 10s and others were a piece of cake but 6s and 9s were a nightmare. Just when we thought they were memorized, another part would slip through their fingers temporarily. It was frustrating to say the least. A resource like this would have been a blessing.

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Nancy Larson Science 2: Exploring Sound & Light | Review

Originally published in Learning Tangent Homeschool Magazine, Spring 2015 This year has been a great one for the boys and science. they have always loved it, and so it’s easier to work it into our schedule. The wonderful organization laid out with Nancy Larson always makes science go more smoothly, because each topic is covered […]

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Review: Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book

Chemistry and the elements made simpler We have been seeing posts about a coloring book for the Periodic Table of Elements, our curiosity was piqued. How can you simplify the periodic table without dumbing it down? The guinea pigs twins loved this, even my non-chemistry-loving boy was excited to see something that made it easier […]

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Review: Mastering Essential Math Skills

While at the GHC convention last June, I met the author of the Mastering Essential Math Skills workbooks, Richard Fisher. He surprised me by sending me home with a stack of the workbooks. The boys have started working through the problem solving book, while I have started brushing up on Algebra; never one of my […]