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Print Subscriptions

Bootstrapping a magazine is definitely a challenge! The lack of funding, the immense workload and sleepless nights are all worth it in the end, and I am still pushing forward with a print edition. The number of requests for this definitely mean it’s something readers are looking for and will love.

To do this though, we need to have the funding.

On this end, the media kit is almost ready to take to potential advertisers, and I am still scrimping and saving from my pocket to pay for the costs of running everything. We have a terrific printer lined up and it’s daunting, to say the least. I know we’ll add bulk to the magazine by adding advertisers, and that increases the cost per copy; so obviously balancing the cost vs the quality of content will be a challenge!

That said, the more subscribers we have, means we have a better chance of attracting more and bigger advertisers in order to lower the price of subscription and/or offer benefits beyond a print subscription. It’s such a fine line of balance that I feel like I’m walking a tight rope most days, but I have always been focused on bringing people together, helping and providing a service, and that’s what helps me keep going. That, and the wonderful notes from readers telling me how Learning Tangent has helped them in some way.

Some of the things I’m working on:

  • Adding downloadable, printable curricula. You’ve already seen Teach Your Kids Music in 12 Weeks and Constitutional Cursive; we’re working on more. You’ll be able to purchase these one at a time, but a print subscription will give you access to all of them at no additional charge.
  • Back issues. Was there an issue you loved in 2014? Want a copy? We’re working on putting those together for you in print form for purchase.
  • Attracting new writers. Readers have told me that they love the diversity of our writers and articles. I want to continue this, and be able to pay them…at some point. Each article in the magazine takes a writer anywhere from 1 to 5 hours to research and write, and sometimes more! This is valuable time they are taking away from their homeschool day, and I want to reward their hard work.
  • Setting up more contests. These take money, and time. My goal for the contests is to showcase the amazing talents of homeschoolers, and give the winners fantastic prizes.

I want to keep the subscription prices low, so for $25 per year, you’ll be able to receive all four issues, plus access to the downloadable content, plus any special print editions we publish during the year. My goal is to have a Mid-Spring Curriculum Round-Up where we put our favorites all in one place, to give you an all in one, go to issue with great curricula and no Common Core.

If all this sounds good – please let me know! Also let me know what you would like to see, in your favorite, inclusive homeschool magazine. I can’t guarantee that you’ll get everything you want, but if enough people speak up, we can consider it.

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