Teach Your Kids Music in 12 Weeks

music-coverThis easy to follow course walks you through the process of teaching music to kids via learning the recorder. I’ve always called the recorder my gateway instrument to theory, and using this, you and your kids will not only learn an instrument, but also learn to read and understand the basics of music.

This is a great homeschool music course that will have you and your kids playing and having a great time while you learn. By the end of the book, your kids will have had practice with a full octave on the recorder, and practice reading the music that goes along with it.

This is the first time it’s available for purchase through any source outside of Amazon, and this eBook is printable, unlike the Kindle version (and the free one we gave away recently). You’ll also have access to the downloadable files through a special link at www.gailsmusic4kids.com.

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