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Review | Counting on the Constitution Workbook

The Counting on the Constitution Workbook  was sent to us by a friend, and written by her son, Patrick Torma. As soon as it arrived, I realized we would need another copy – one for each twin. He clearly describes what each section of the Constitution does in a straightforward and easy to read manner. To my surprise, I found the boys using this for their independent study time on several occasions. When we worked with it, I learned more about the Constitution than I learned in school. Granted, I don’t remember doing much more than memorizing the preamble and reading the Bill of Rights, but still I enjoyed learning with the boys!

The Amazon product page gives you a peak inside, and this book is ideal for 2nd and 3rd graders. If you struggled to find a book that your kids will enjoy while they learn about the Constitution, this is the book for you. The format is fun and engaging, and each page covers a section of the Constitution. It goes in sequential order from beginning to end, and the full text is at the end of the book. We have enjoyed reading it all, talking about the founders and connecting it to current events. It’s a wonderful addition to any homeschool Constitutional study.

Find Counting on the Constitution for about $11 on Amazon.


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