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Theory Time Workbook

On a whim, I put this on my Amazon wishlist planning on going back to pick it up later, when I had a little extra money. When to my surprise, a copy of it showed up on my doorstep as a Christmas gift last year. I love this series! It teaches music theory in a way that’s not boring, stuffy or complex. After using it for a few weeks with my own boys, I became convinced that all of my music students simply must have it! The twins kept going ahead in the book – we had planned to do everything together, but every time I turned around one of them was working another page! So I gave up that idea and just let them go for it.

The books have fun activities in each section that allow kids to expand their musical knowledge, and I haven’t had a complaint yet! It introduces both Bass and Treble clefs, and various key and time signature. As a music teacher I really like this, because even if you are playing an instrument which uses only one of these, knowledge of both is crucial in truly understanding music.

If your kids are currently in any music program I highly recommend having this workbook. With multiple levels ranging from primer to middle school, your kids will love having this resource to help understand what’s what in music.