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Summer 2017 | Working Homeschoolers

Have you ever wondered how you could possibly homeschool because you still have to make a living? You won’t want to miss this issue. This summer, we’re taking time to focus on adding some much-needed money to your family’s bottom line. Whether you need a full-time income or just a little to supplement, we’re here again (and still) with inspiration and resources you can use to help your family.

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On the cover this issue, we have Ryleigh Azevedo, a homeschooler in Texas. We fell in love with this image and knew that it had to be on the cover. The field of yellow tulips is amazing!

Inside this issue:

How did I get here? From the Editor What happens when you spend a lifetime learning… you often find that the destination was never the goal, but that everything you experienced was absolutely necessary to get to where you are today.

3D Printing Technology: How we use it to combine and enrich subjects.

Feeling Like You’re Missing Out: A Lesson from Spielberg – Sometimes being a working homeschooler leaves you feeling like you’re missing all the good things. I know I have, and reading Amy’s article made me fee like I am not alone. I love her ideas for keeping connected.

What Do YOU Want to be When They Grow Up? Sometimes, when the kids grow up and you’re done homeschooling it’s hard to figure things out. Suddenly (or not so suddenly), there are no more kids to teach….

If You Have the Will, There Is a Way. Dispelling myths about homeschooling, working, and doing both.

Technology is an Opportunity. Technology doesn’t have to be intimidating, it can be a huge opportunity for the future.

Vacation Photos Can Be Incredible – Take your vacation photos to a new level with these greattips.

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Summer 2017


  • Bitsbox coding for kids (with a special discount code!)
  • Unschoolers by Sophia Sayigh & Milva McDonald Review by Michelle Ristuccia

We have our regular columns:

  • The Unplanned Homeschooler
  • Teen MARVELous
  • The Working Homeschooler – Letting go of the Control
  • Health – Summer Time is Veggie Time!

The Kids’ Section is shaping up nicely too:

  • Making puppets
  • The Making of a Geocache
  • Don’t Miss the Great American Eclipse of 2017
  • Interview with Kirby Larson, Author of Two Bobbies: A True Story of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship and Survival
  • Homeschooling When Both of Your Parents Work

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