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My Spouse Wants to Homeschool and I Don’t

This was me, eight years ago, when the twins were still little. It wasn’t my husband who was the doubter, but me. Not only did I doubt it, but I refused to even discuss the matter. To be fair, he had been exposed to homeschoolers and had seen how good it was for the kids; […]

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5 Tips (plus one more) to Turn Your Homeschool Fear into a Tool

homeschool fears

We’re all afraid of failure, of letting those we love down. Homeschool families are no different, and we face those fears daily. When our twins were little, my husband wanted to homeschool. I was adamantly opposed to it because I was terrified that I would mess it all up. I refused to even discuss the possibility of homeschooling them because the mere mention of homeschool left me a quivering pile of jello.