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New Year’s Resolutions Even I Can Keep

A non-homeschooling friend of mine mentioned a New Year’s Resolution she was making – something about making time for herself. I’m not sure what that idea even is anymore! I thought it sounded like fun, but I have never been big on new year’s resolutions. Frankly, if I can’t do it the rest of the […]

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My Spouse Wants to Homeschool and I Don’t

This was me, eight years ago, when the twins were still little. It wasn’t my husband who was the doubter, but me. Not only did I doubt it, but I refused to even discuss the matter. To be fair, he had been exposed to homeschoolers and had seen how good it was for the kids; […]

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Fall 2016 | Homeschooling High School

WOW! Can you believe the choices we have? Homeschoolers have always had more freedom of choice than those in schools, but it seems that the high school choices get a bit, well, confusing. With that in mind, we are proud to present the Fall issue: Homeschooling High School. We have an article-packed issue for you, with […]

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Summer 2016 | Unschooling Homeschoolers

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Log in with a FREE account  to read our free edition, published as a community service. You see, we understand that there are those families who truly love the magazine, but can’t afford it. This is for you. There are more ads, but we’re pretty sure you’ll forgive us… and if this is the first […]

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Re-discovering A Love of Learning: A Homeschool Journey

Love of learning

  A beautiful thing happened along our homeschool journey: The boys remembered that they love learning. Yes, that is a key part of being a child: Learning every single thing you can, soaking up as much information as possible so that as they grow, that information can be processed logically when your brain is ready. Yet for our […]