Referral Program – Earn a subscription!

Referral program!

Like many magazines, we rely on our readers to suggest that others read it. We're starting a referral program to help give a little incentive to those of you who would like to see it in local bookstores.

We are working with independent booksellers and other shops to have them carry Learning Tangent in print. Because there are so many mom & pop shops across the country (and indeed the world), we need help to find them. They do NOT need to be solely in the United States because when we send issues in bulk to other countries, it makes the shipping more reasonable.

If you know an independent retailer who is interested in talking with us about carrying Learning Tangent, here's what to do:

  1. Contact the store and get the information for the shop's buyer so we can start the process.
  2. If they decide to carry Learning Tangent, and carry it for at least two consecutive issues (Summer & Fall, Fall & Winter, etc.), the person who referred the store to us will receive a free year's subscription to Learning Tangent. If you already subscribe - you'll have an extra year added!

That's it! Simple and straightforward, because we don't like making things overly complex. We set the two issue minimum because it doesn't make sense to give a bonus when the store cancelled after the first issue. We need to be able to make the money back so that we can continue to offer referral bonuses!

All you have to do is refer them to us - there's no further obligation on your part. You don't have to work to convince them to carry Learning Tangent, but we won't argue if you want to do that!

To make it especially easy, fill out the form below with the information we need to contact them.

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