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MakingConnectionsA Year of Making Connections:

"Homeschooling isn’t just about teaching your kids the basic curriculum they need in order to get through their college entrance exams. It’s about sharing a time with your children that only goes around once and ends far too soon. They won’t remember the worksheets they did to learn how to multiply double digits, but they will remember the adventures you share together, so make the memories great ones.
And while you’re making happy memories, don’t forget your spouse. Homeschooling can present challenges for couples, with one spouse carrying the financial burden of supporting the family while the other takes full time parenting to a level most folks will never experience. Find ways this year to spend more time with your partner, one-on-one. Connecting with your spouse will benefit both you and your children."

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Homeschool High School? Yes we can!Hollenbeck-highschool

"Is a typical high school curriculum really too hard for a parent to manage? If the public schools – which most current homeschooling parents attended – are really as good as their proponents assert, anyone who’s graduated from one should surely have the knowledge and skills necessary to guide another through it. And if high school material is really beyond the grasp of the typical homeschooling parent, what does that say about public schools? After all, if having gone through it didn’t make us all "smart" enough to lead our children through it, the "testimony" of the public schools is shot. And if they really don't work, why would we want to subject our children to them?"

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CC-failsspecialneedsChildren with Special Needs: Why Common Core Fails Them

"A standardized test is a classic example of convergent thinking, a question with a limited set of answers from which to choose. We have used tests of varying types for generations to test knowledge. They tell us whether a student has accumulated the required information, and can be valuable tools in determining whether we as teachers have succeeded in passing on the knowledge.

There is a dark side to standardized tests though, and it comes when the priority for learning something is determined by whether or not it will be on the test. We have complained about teaching to the test for quite some time, but for special-needs children attending schools where they have to take the same tests and have the same “grade-level” lessons as all the other kids, this presents a problem."

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