Free State and City Postcards

Knowing that there are many, many postcard swap groups going on, we thought it would be nice if we started designing postcards for different areas. The template we're using will fit Avery's 4 to a page postcards, which should be available locally fairly easily, or you could just print on card stock and cut them out yourselves.

We have included a link to the Avery postcards here so you can order them if you like. These postcards are well within the US Postal Service's dimensions, and as long as you don't do anything crazy like add all sorts of stickers, should go through the system just fine. For more information about their requirements, visit the USPS website.

The first of our state postcards is a picture I took in San Diego last year, of a Snowy Egret fishing in our local tide pools. I loved the green moss-covered rocks and the bright white of the egret with a wave in the background. Do you have a great photo that you would like to see made into a postcard for your state or city?  Contact us!

All the postcards are in .PDF format, and should be readable on most computers. If you have trouble, let us know. This is a free service, but we want it to be functional; it's not much use if it doesn't work. Also note that the files are large, and will take time to download completely - please be patient!


Arizona Cactus -front ~ Back


Arkansas Field with Cows and Flowers - Front ~ Back


San Diego - Front ~ Back
Mt. Shasta - Front ~ Back


Florida Gulf Coast Front ~ Back


Hawaiian Tropical Pond Front ~ Back


Arkansas River in Oklahoma - Front ~ Back


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