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4 Great Ways To Do Homeschool PE at the Pool

By Patricia Sarmiento No kid wants to be cooped up inside during the summer. And really, it’s a great time of the year for parents, homeschoolers and otherwise, to get creative about they help their kids get in a daily dose of physical activity. My kids love being in the water so that’s where we […]

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The Secret to Success in Math

By Richard W. Fisher There are three clusters of math skills that every student needs to master.  Students who learn and fully understand these essential topics can be considered algebra-ready. These skills are referred to as the Critical Foundations of Algebra. Algebra-readiness is of huge importance. Algebra is the gateway subject to more advanced math, […]

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Essential Safety with Essential Oils

Would you sit down to drink 5-10 gallons of concentration peppermint tea at once? Of course not, that’s a lot of peppermint, isn’t it? Essential oils are CONCENTRATED distillation of a large amount of plant material (a lot of plants have to go in for that tiny bottle you bought).

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Science and Much More: Teaching My ADHD, LD, Strong-willed Child to Learn and Be Proud

Written by Madon Dailey – originally published in the Washington Homeschool Organization’s April/May 2014 newsletter and re-posted here with her permission.  My first born arrived with wide-open eyes, smiling lips, and a face that said, “Let’s get this party started.” She skipped crawling and started walking at seven months. Her first words were, “No Mom.” She hated naps […]