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Summer Science Ideas – Explore and Learn

Science isn’t all about test tubes and Petri dishes, although those can be fun! These summer science ideas will get you and your kids out and exploring. Here are some ideas to help your kids learn from their summer adventures. The world is full of lessons when you look – just take a lot of photos so […]

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The Secret to Success in Math

By Richard W. Fisher There are three clusters of math skills that every student needs to master.  Students who learn and fully understand these essential topics can be considered algebra-ready. These skills are referred to as the Critical Foundations of Algebra. Algebra-readiness is of huge importance. Algebra is the gateway subject to more advanced math, […]

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Electronics and Programming with Arduino

My brother the computer scientist sent the twins each an Arduino kit – I had never heard of this, but I have done a bit of programming and it seemed like fun. The first model (which we’ve already taken apart to build this) took about 3 hours with my brother’s help because while I’m pretty handy […]

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Lunar Eclipse – Science at Night

Update December 27th, 2017: The next total eclipse is on January 31st, 2018 – if you’re in Asia, Australia, the Pacific and parts of the Western United States. There are few subjects our boys enjoy more than science. So when we heard about the series of blood moons coming in the next couple of years, […]

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Adding Science & Art to Your Homeschool Day – Part I

We love science and art around here, so it’s easy for us to add them into our day. This was by far the best project we’ve done that incorporated them both into an entire afternoon’s worth of fun. The morning started with an episode of Beakman’s World(available on Netflix), where Beakman and his crew made glue […]