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Summer Science Ideas – Explore and Learn

Science isn’t all about test tubes and Petri dishes, although those can be fun! These summer science ideas will get you and your kids out and exploring. Here are some ideas to help your kids learn from their summer adventures. The world is full of lessons when you look – just take a lot of photos so […]

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4 Great Ways To Do Homeschool PE at the Pool

By Patricia Sarmiento No kid wants to be cooped up inside during the summer. And really, it’s a great time of the year for parents, homeschoolers and otherwise, to get creative about they help their kids get in a daily dose of physical activity. My kids love being in the water so that’s where we […]

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Fun Family Vacation

Kids by a lake By Holly Hedman

As a kid, my family traveled and camped throughout the Midwest during the summer, but having spent the past 19 years married to an Army guy, we have lived coast to coast and have had the privilege to see many amazing places.  That being said, there are many so called “vacation” spots that require a […]