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Bitsbox Coding | Review

This review was originally published in the Summer 2017 issue of Learning Tangent Homeschool Magazine. Subscribe today and get exclusive discounts and read reviews when they’re published.

David has wanted to learn create computer games for as long as he has played them. We were happy to receive a sample set of cards, at no charge, from BitsBox to review. It’s been a great addition to our homeschool, and I look forward to adding a subscription this month.

I immediately noticed that instead of a drag and drop approach, it’s real code. After writing the code for your project, you get to see the results on the screen. Bitsbox is structured in a way that encourages thinking and creativity, and rewards the user with results. When there is a mistake, it lets you know where to look. Within minutes, David found a number of ways to modify the code to make the characters move and explode. He was also able to take what he learned and create whole new apps.

This is a program he is happy to spend time using, and regularly sits for a half hour or more learning to code. I often hear laughter coming from the computer area, and he loves to show off his creations. You can even share the apps they create to compatible devices.

My family tends to like things with a physical component, and Bitsbox doesn’t disappoint in that area. We like that two of the subscription levels ship with cards, and include a binder to organize them all. They’re not the typical 8.5 x 11 size, so the binder is a necessity. The deluxe version adds toys, stickers and tattoos to the mix, which look like a lot of fun. Of course, if you don’t want or need all the extras, there is a digital only subscription available too.

If this sounds like fun, you can save 15% on the first payment of any subscription purchase. The code is LEARN15, and expires August 31, 2017, just in time to get a new school year started off with a fantastic way to learn a new subject. You can find more information and subscribe online at

Update, 5/6/2018: David has had a continuous subscription since we wrote this, and had a moment in January where he wasn’t sure if he’d start getting to the “good stuff.” In his mind, this means the creation of games. With my own background in programming (slight though it is), I knew that it wouldn’t be long. Sure enough, the next subscription box arrived with a game app to code… Bitsbox is awesome.

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