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Constellation Exploration – Review

Constellation Exploration is a charming book on some of the constellations and the myths associated with them. If you have been looking for a kid-level book that they’ll love, take a moment to look at Constellation Exploration, written and illustrated by Cassidy Kao. She loves astronomy and mythology, and wanted to retell the stories she loved most. Part I […]

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Class Dismissed – Homeschool Movie Review

A homeschool movie to share with all of your family Most of us know that the homeschooling is growing, but there are still lots of misconceptions about what homeschool looks like, or what we do all day. Class Dismissed follows the journey of a family in L.A. who, after soul-searching and questioning the system, decides to un-enroll […]

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Nana’s 3 Jars: Spending Wisely – Review

Nana’s 3 Jars: Spending Wisely is Carol Round’s third book in the series. We have enjoyed reading Carol Round’s Nana’s 3 Jars series, they are light-hearted with a terrific message in each book. The illustrations are beautiful and they both impart a tenderness and complete the story. In Spending Wisely, Charlie and Emma visit Nana and get […]

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A Tale of Two Reviews – Leap into Latin and Vocabula Picta

Two reviews in one post? Yep! Sometimes it’s just the right approach. These Latin resource books from Ascanius Youth Classics Institute seemed to scream for a joint review page. Not because they are interchangeable, but because both products complement each other beautifually. Activitates Liberis Volume II: Leap into Latin Review Vocabula Picta Review A little […]

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Nancy Larson Science 3 – What’s in the Box?

After a very productive and educational weekend helping in the booth at Great Homeschool Convention in Ontario, CA… Nancy Larson Science was nice enough to give our next science level to us at no charge. So what would a girl do except take some photos and share the box opening with you? As you can see […]