The Moment It All Comes Together

"Mom, can we talk for a minute?" I stopped what I was doing to look into the face of my oldest daughter. She was sitting at the kitchen table. I sat down and asked her what she needed to talk to me about. I was completely floored by what she said next.
"Mom, I think I understand now."
"Understand what?"
"Why you homeschool me..." Silence.
"You do it because you love me. You do it because you want me to do my best without panicking and feeling bad when I mess up something. You do it because you want to protect me from things and people that may hurt me. You want me to learn. You want me to do things that I may not be able to do if I'm somewhere else. You want me to be a better and stronger person. You do it to protect me from bullies and you want me to learn more about God and being a better Christian." She kept on talking. I was listening, but not intently. I tuned her out for just a moment...she finally got it!
To all of my moms and homeschool warriors out there, that moment will come for you! They will know and start to understand that you really and truly do have their best interest at heart. They will start to see your love and sacrifice for them. They will start to see that they are better because of the decision you made. Your family will become as strong as spider silk!
We've all had those days where we wish the light bulb would come on...and it will, I promise you. It may not be right this second, but it will come on. It will come at the most unlikely time and in the most unlikely places. When that moment does come, enjoy it! Wishing you the best!

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