English Lessons Through Literature Level 4 – Review


Barefoot Raggamuffin Curricula has a great selection to choose from, and they are extremely generous in sharing them with us at no charge to review for you, our amazing readers. We reviewed level 3 of English Lessons Through Literature (ELTL) last school …

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Quark Chronicles: Botany – the First in a Series of Science Studies


From finding seeds to grow a garden in the cargo bay of the living, talking ship known as “Auntie”, to fighting more space pirates, and helping a sentient tree pollinate, the action doesn’t stop – and neither does the learning!

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Observing Rocks and Minerals – Nancy Larson Science 2 Review

2014-09-14 11.22.25

I can’t believe we’re already done with another unit! Even though we do more than the 2 lessons a week of science, I swear it seems like the kids are learning more than I could have imagined from something that …

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All American History – Review

All American History

The history many of us learned in school was dry and dull, full of names and dates, but nothing to make it personal, to help students connect to history in a meaningful way. We love All American History because the information is presented along with stories that help the kids connect to the people who made history.

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