In What Size Should Learning Tangent Be Printed?

We're going to press next week, and this is the ONLY time you'll have a chance to share opinions on it!

There are advantages and disadvantages to both sizes, it ultimately comes down to what subscribers (and potential subscribers) want to see.

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There is virtually no difference in the cost, so it will NOT change subscription rates. You can subscribe here after voting. :)

If you've already subscribed, thank you! If you have strong feelings one way or another, post it in the comments below. We want to make you happy.

Now is your chance to determine the future! Tell us which size you prefer.


- Large size means fewer page turns, making an easier reading experience
- More space for visually appealing layout design
- Lays flatter for easy reading
- Nice, 100# bond glossy paper
- Harder to put in a purse
- Harder to keep nice


- Small size means a thicker feeling magazine because there will be more pages
- Easier to hide in the bathroom with
- Easier to put in the purse without getting mangled
- Same text size as large, so more page turns
- Won't lay flat, and you will have to hold it open
- Same paper quality as larger size

Tell us what you think!